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State League Evaluation 2012

August 26, 2012 By: Penny Category: Club Noticeboard

Hi Everyone

I hope you have received the July WSC minutes by now.  They are on Some notes from those minutes include asking for feedback on
Masters competition (over 30’s)
South and North competitions (regionalising)
Social competition as part of the Metro competition

The season is coming to a close and some notes for your calendar
Interstate Challenge is 13 October for the Premier League Champions against South Australian Champions
Football West Presentation Night is at the Burswood 12 October
The Cup Final is Sunday 7 October

State League
There will be one team up from Division One to Premier (Melville after securing a win today) and no teams relegated, which will make 8 and 8 in the State league competitions
The State League created a huge challenge for many clubs this year where their survival in the competition has been questioned.
We knew clubs would draw from juniors and metro competitions to make up numbers
It has been very difficult for some clubs to meet numbers with the 9 game rule in place and where clubs are already light on teams, having taken players from lower divisions
It may be another challenging year for clubs who will have to promote players again from below, or attract quality players to their club.

How has your club found the year in terms of club support, club and committee resources, council support, playing numbers
Are you planning for next year, do you need help. Many clubs have been asking what they can do now to attract quality coaches and players and secure grounds for growing clubs.
What would you like the WSC to do to help or perhaps Football West?

Some of the things that have been discussed to increase club profile and attract players are
club mergers
early planning
coordinating and educating coaches and teams to a common objective and pathway at your club
requesting councils to allocate grounds that are under utilised by other sports and clubs
attracting commercial academies, FBW programmes and Perth Glory to use your club for their holiday programmes and therefore attract kids, players and coaches, education sessions and upskilling for parents and officials, approaching schools to promote the club or use their resources, coach their teams and offer practicum for students, shopping centres, libraries and business noticeboards, multi sports days with other sports at your club or other clubs.
if you have some great ideas you would like to share please email me and I can forward on.

Please comment wether critical or positive so we can plan for changes and help if we can!

Penny TannerHoath 0408 921 832

Melville Women Crowned League Champions with one round to go.

August 26, 2012 By: Penny Category: Competitions

Two points separated Melville from Quinns FC in the State League Division One at 1pm today. After a 2-1 win at Len Shearer, and with only one game left in the season, Melville can now boast an unreachable 5 point gap at the top of the table.  In the 100+ crowd today were Premier League Coaches and players curious to see the quality and potential in their new 2013 opponents.

In a season where potential was explored and expressed, Melville started with a loss to a highly organised and intense Quinns FC side that defeated Melville in the Night Series Final at Coker Park in March. This was followed by a slick Leeming Strikers performance, defeating a still unwise Melville 2-0 in April. The two game Division One stutter ended and State League mentality kicked in with an unbeaten 13 game winning streak, ending Coach Jonny Gibson’s sideline nerves. Gibson has been the guiding hand for the squad and the majority of the players since junior football at Melville.

Melville is not short of talent. With strikers across the forward and midfield, including Laura Waltman, Noi Pukkaew, Steph Simmons, Kelsey Lyons and Talyah Griffiths, the club amassed an enormous 66 goal haul. Raffi Waltman and goal keeper Evie Gooch can lay claim to the minimal 9 goal concession. Any team in the Womens Premier League would be happy to boast these stats and indeed it took the most decorated Premier womens club, Northern Redbacks, to defeat Melville in the quarterfinals of the Cup, 7-0.

The club is well fortified to cover injury and student absences with a strong junior girls programme. Girls from the 15s supported the table topping Reserves side throughout the year.  The Reserves are likely to take out their competition being 7 points clear with 2 games left. The club is represented at 13’s and 15’s and is in the top 3 of each of their respective leagues.  The 15s premier side is equal top of the table with a whopping 54 goal to 6 goal for and against statistic. The 17’s from 2011 having been moved up into the State League Division One to support the first team.

They say women’s football is the fastest growing sport in the world. For their part, the future looks solid for the biggest club in WA.

The World Football Programme 107.9fm Saturday 25 August

August 24, 2012 By: Penny Category: Football in the Media


RUN SHEET FOR SATURDAY 25th August, 2012


9.00 Introduction: Studio hosts: Penny TannerHoath and Ian Hooper

Listeners invited to text club news to 0408 921 832 or comment on facebook WPF/107.9fm

Audio: FootballWest TV, 3min30sec

9.10 Peter Hugg, CEO Football West. State Cup finals Dorrien Gardens, general FBW update

9.40 Tom Finlay, President South West Soccer Association. Structure of football in the south west, affiliations, working with BFF and growth and development in the region

10.00 Cameron Hart, Events Queensland General Manager, hosts for the Pan Pacific Masters Games. One of the largest sporting events in the southern hemisphere, event and football history and info, programme overview

E.S.T. Noon

Audio: Rhys Williams 3min36sec, EPL wrap theworldgame, 2min37sec

10.30 Audrey Williams, Mother of three talented footballers all plying their trade in England, herself a former state representative, banters football with us

Audio: European transfer roundup fourfourtwo, 2min16sec

Audio: Perth Glory promo, Glory v WA, Football West TV 1min20sec

11.00 Matt Bungard, The Roar, A League, preseason schedules, squad updates and news

E.S.T 1.00pm

Audio: UEFA 17s,, 3min35sec

11.30 Moya Dodd, FFA Board and Vice President AFC, former Matilda, now lawyer shares with us her journey through football since 1978

E.S.T 1.30pm

Thank you our sponsors & partners, BBC, ABC, FFA, SBS, Fox Sports, 442, TWG and all of our guests.

11.58 WFOUTRO.

Sam Kerr on the road back but it isnt likely to lead to Glory

August 23, 2012 By: Penny Category: W League

Monday, 13 August 2012 19:00

The long road back

Written by 

“Two roads diverged in a wood”

We have all faced that cross road. That moment when you know a decision, or non-decision, could forever change the trajectory of your life. For Matildas striker Sam Kerr, her cross road was in the form of a rupture in a small, but crucial, ligament in her knee in September 2011.
Samkerr perthglory

It was a devastating blow for the 18 year old who had just completed her first World Cup campaign and was set to embark on her first Olympic campaign. It was also a significant shock as, since she taking up the game at 12, the path to the top had been trouble free.

From club football to state, Young Matildas to the senior squad, this gifted athlete had effortlessly staked a claim in the starting eleven and excelled. However there was a cost, one she readily admits. Complacency. The journey was entirely too simple and the experience at times was taken for granted.

Speak to Kerr now and you can noticeably hear that that has changed.

“For me it was just after my injury [ACL] that I had a whole different view on football,” said Kerr.

“I always taken it for granted and I then realised that I needed to start taking football seriously.”

The new attitude has necessitated a new environment and just last month Sydney FC announced that the forward had agreed to join the W-League power in Season Five.  It’s the challenge she believes she needs and an opportunity to prove herself away from the comforts of home.

“With all that has gone on in the last few years in Perth and my injury, I just thought it was a good opportunity for a new start.”

“I felt I didn’t take it [football] as seriously as I should have and I think it will be a good environment training with Sydney.”

While it may be a new environment, the Sky Blues are not strangers.  Alen Stajcic coached the forward for two years at Young Matildas level, while many of the other players have been teammates at the national level.

“For me personally, it will be training every day at such high level. It is a team that has so much talent and a broad range of talent.”

Sydney FC have looked to stockpile some of the best young talent in the country. Along with Kerr, newly capped senior Matilda Alanna Kennedy has returned to the Sky Blues after a stellar season with the Newcastle Jets, and they will be alongside Caitlin Foord and Kyah Simon.  The latter, who will return from an excellent stint in the USA, is one player Kerr is looking forward to playing alongside.

“There is such a range of girls but obviously Kyah. She is such an amazing talent up front and hopefully I will be out of the wing.”

“They also have some great defenders like Brogan [Danielle Brogan], some talented midfielders like Teresa and Rollo [Teresa Polias and Renee Rollason].”

“It will be exciting but we will just see how the team goes.”

The new found maturity and intensity of Kerr is not just off the pitch.  On the pitch she admits she has not always understood the game but the year off has changed that.

“I see the game a lot differently that I did before,” she states. “I used to just take what the coaches would say and go along with it.

“Whereas now, I understand what they are talking about and why.”

“I go to training to learn more, I don’t just go to training to be there. I want to learn and I want to improve every session.”

In two weeks it will be 12 months since that training session ended so abruptly in China, and while the Matildas are the ultimate goal, Kerr is emphasises that it will be “one step at a time” in the very literal sense.

“I don’t want to think too far ahead because it’s taken me this long to get here and I would hate to come back and not play well.”

“I am just really eager to get back.”

Matilda goal keeper Barbieri bows to motherhood

August 23, 2012 By: Penny Category: State Teams and Programmes

Thursday, 23 August 2012 10:28

Keeping Mum

Written by 

2012 marks Matildas’ captain Melissa Barbieri’s tenth year in the Australian National Team.  A decade at the top of the Australian women’s game.  A decade of being a dedicated, hardworking and well-tuned athlete in touch with her body; or so she thought.
melissa barbieri motherhood
Barbieri set for her next big challenge, motherhood  | Getty

“It was pretty interesting.  Playing in Japan I had few stomach issues and a bit of lethargy,” Barbieri recalled.

“A couple of the girls, Walshy [Sarah Walsh] in particular, were like ‘Maybe you’re pregnant?’.  It was more of a joke than anything so I just brushed it off.”

However that offhand comment stayed with her and upon return to her home city of Melbourne, the 32 year old consulted her physician.

“I pretty much found out then and there in the doctor’s office.”

“I called my husband and he was quite as shocked as I was.  I found out that I was already 11 ½ weeks pregnant.”

Those previous three months had seen her lead the national team in a two match international series against New Zealand and a one match test against world champions Japan.

While initially surprised Barbieri and her husband of five years, Geoff Hudson, we also delighted.  Motherhood has always been on the agenda for her as she stated to Daily Life‘s Kathryn Wicks earlier this year.  Although, she admitted, maybe not this close on the horizon.

“We had made the decision to start having children but when I found out we had a few internationals this year, I was going to put it off until after then,” Barbieri said.

“We are kind of lucky in a sense it happened so quickly.  When these things happen you kind of think ‘okay this is fate telling me it’s the right time’.”

The revelation to both her families, her very close Italian family and the Matildas family, was met with great joy.

“They cried,” she recollected of her announcement to her parents.  “Even though this will be their sixth grandchild, I am the only daughter in the family so it’s a little bit different for them.”

“It’s a very exciting time for them.  I can’t get my Dad off the phone when I speak to him!”

“Now Tommy [Tom Sermanni] is an old hat at this really.  He knows what he is doing now so that made it easier for me.”


Barbieri’s news comes on the back of midfielder Heather Garriock’s announcement of her pregnancy earlier this year.  Garriock, who is due to give birth in the next month or so, and Barbieri have both expressed their desire to return to the national team after their birth. melissabarbieri3

While some footballers have managed to return, family and women’s football is an area Barbieri admits the Matildas can improve upon.

“I think it has always been something that we have been lacking in the Matildas.  That sense of motherhood, that you can come back after having children,” she stated.

“Players have done it in the past but they have been doing it off their own bat but now we have some strategies in place for the future.”

One of those strategies yet to be arranged will be the remuneration aspect.  With less than a year left to run on the current Matildas Collective Bargaining Agreement (expires 30 June 2013), it will be a new dimension of the next Agreement.

“It will definitely be in our next of bargaining agreements.  We have to make sure that we are well covered as a team and that the FFA covered as well.”


Since her debut back in 2002, Barbieri has never missed an international and until this year, due to recovery from an ankle reconstruction, had never missed a national training camp.

The enforced down time will take some getting used to but there are certainly plenty of avenues available with Barbieri in the last 12 months starting to spread her wings beyond the playing arena.

Currently half way through the 18 month coaching A Licence, she is looking to use the break to continue to build her coaching credentials.  Also on the agenda is continuing with her burgeoning media career.

This year she became the first female sideline commentator for Fox Sports’ A-League coverage.  The appearances have been followed up by several seats on ABC’s Offsiders couch alongside the likes of Gerard Whately and Francis Leach.

And with a former Matilda Alicia Ferguson vacating the co-commentator booth alongside Peter Wilkins, there is another tantalising opening for Barbieri on the ABC W-League coverage.

“I would love to work with the ABC there and I would also like with Fox on the A-League.”

“Both of them have expressed interest and if all the pieces fit then hopefully that would come about in the summer.”

“There are so many ways that I want to give back to the game so I am sure I will keep myself busy until I return.”


While other plans are up in the air, one thing Melissa Barbieri is emphatic on is that she will be returning to football.

A recent meeting with 3 time gold medal winning US Women’s National Team captain Christie Rampone has made her even more determined.

“I have found some inspiration from her”, said Barbieri.

“She [Rampone] is 37 and she has just captained the US to another Olympic gold and she has done it with two children.”

melissabarbieri4“I just want to be able to come back and get back to full fitness and vie for contention for the national team.”

“Whether I play or not, that is up to the coach at the time.”

That ambition means there will be no resting up during her pregnancy.

“I have a strict eating plan so eating for two will not be a good excuse!” she laughed.

“I have consulted with a few doctors and they say keeping active is actually better for you and the child so I am going to continue training up until I feel discomfort.”

“Right now I will doing a lot of ball work and during the latter stages of the pregnancy I will be doing more yoga to keep my strength up.”

While pregnancy was once considered the death knell to an female athlete’s career, interestingly evidence has arisen in recent years that it may actually be a positive for female athletes.

During pregnancy blood volume rises about 60% resulting in more oxygen carried to the muscles mirroring the effects of blood doping.  While blood volume returns to normal within four to eight weeks after giving birth, research is being performed into how training during pregnancy can enhance performance post-birth.

That was some good news that was imparted by Rampone to Barbieri.

“She said that you will probably find that you are actually better than you were pre-pregnancy so I am looking forward to that!”

Melville’s plan for synthetic turf

August 23, 2012 By: Penny Category: Club Noticeboard

Synthetic Turf Proposal

Synthetic Turf

MCFC are seeking input from members about the City’s plan to replace Len Shearer B (upper) pitch with synthetic turf. This is a highly-debated topic amongst other users of the facility (Little Athletics) and the local community, but is a great benefit to MCFC members.

The club will be putting a document together with our views and ideas of how this should be implemented. This will be presented to the council in mid September. Your input is important and appreciated.

Are there any plans for similar changes to your club?

Round 16 Womens Premier League Wrap

August 23, 2012 By: Penny Category: Competitions

Round 16 Bankwest Women’s State Premier League

Monday, August 20, 2012

A wrap on the weekend’s results.

Report by James Mooney

Northern Redbacks 10 (Renee Leaotta 4, Jacqueline Nellany 2, Carla Bennett, Carol Howes, Ashlee Bager, Rebecca Davis)

East Fremantle 0

@ Celebration Park

The Northern Redbacks took care of East Fremantle 10-0 at Celebration Park yesterday.

The score line tells the story as East Fremantle continue to struggle and when playing one of the league contenders these results happen.

The Redbacks took the game head on thanks to a four-goal bag from Renae Leotta

At half time the game was all but over with a six-nil score line.

With each win crucial between the Redbacks and Beckenham Angels, who continue to fight out for top place, it might not be as easy as expected with other clubs starting to raise the standard.

Next weeks the Redbacks take on the NTC while East Fremantle host Queens Park.

Queens Park SC 2 (Monique Gordon 2)

Balcatta SC 1

@ Coker Park

Queens Park defeated Balcatta 2-1 yesterday at Coker Park.

In a result that might have surprised a few at the start of the season, it may just be a late surge from Queens Park.

Balcatta who have been close behind the two league leaders with consistent results faced a Queens Park unit who have looked to hit their stride.

Monique Gordon opened the scoring in the first half after getting on the end of some quality play between the midfield.

It was almost two nil for Queens Park however the goal was disallowed.

Minutes later Balcatta struck back on the counter attack to level the scores, making it one-all at the half time break.

Queens Park didn’t let the disallowed goal unsettle them, as another linked play between the midfield allowed Monique Gordon to strike in her second goal.

Next week Queens Park travels to East Fremantle while Balcatta will host UWA-Nedlands.

UWA-Nedlands 0

Beckenham Angels 3 (Danielle Calautti, Andrea Preiato)

@ UWA Sports Park

Beckenham took all three points against UWA-Nedlands yesterday winning 3-0.

The score line does make the win look comfortable for the Angels, however it was anything but as UWA’s hard physical pressure saw a few Beckenham players come off injured.

Danielle Calautti opened the scoring for Beckenham in the opening 15 minutes, which was soon followed from a strike by Andrea Preartio on the half hour mark.

UWA although not having many scoring opportunities, did stick to their game plan with hard physical defensive pressure.

Prearto sealed the game off 15 minutes into the second half, where Beckenham played out the game three-nil winners.

Next week UWA travel to Balcatta while Beckenham takes the week off with the bye.

FW NTC had the bye this week.

Pan Pacific Masters

August 18, 2012 By: Penny Category: Club Noticeboard, State Teams and Programmes

Anyone interested in playing Masters women’s football at the Gold Coast tune in to 107.9FM next Saturday August 25.  Events Queensland Manager Cameron Hart will join the World Football Programme team for a chat at 10am about the Pan Pacific Masters Tournament in November.

If you are 30+ and would like to participate along with the WA ladies, we have futsal and 11 a side teams competing.  Contact Subiaco’s Mhairi Glover- or 0417170275.

The Perth Strikers are the most successful WA sports team to compete interstate and have won bronze, silver and gold multiple times at Australian and Pacific Masters tournaments.

The squad invite players from any level to participate so give Mhairi a call.

Women’s Standing Committee Minutes July 17, 2012

August 18, 2012 By: Penny Category: Club Noticeboard, Women's Standing Committee


Meeting minutes and attachments.



(Australian Sports Commission comparisons of sports participation across Australia)


(Football West female registered numbers since 2005 graph and table)


(Football West tables of female and male registered numbers since 2005)


(a sample of the FFA survey being by all states)


(Football West junior and womens clubs registered since 2005)


(largest club in WA by registered participants)

The World Football Programme August 18

August 18, 2012 By: Penny Category: Football in the Media


Womens football content at 1030am with thewomensgame’s Ann Odong and 11am with President UWA Nedlands Conrad McKelvie