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The World Football Programme 107.9FM 30.6.2012

June 28, 2012 By: Penny Category: Football in the Media




Studio host: Penny TannerHoath and Jason Washington-King

Listeners invited to text your club news to 0408 921 832 or go to facebook

9.00 Intro: local programmes and news

9.10 Mark Lee, junior and youth stats, retention and drop off rates here in WA, FFA participation review, curriculums, pathways and coaching qualifications

Audio: Mauro 2min,

9.40 Ashley Morrison, Producer, No Apologies Documentary on SBS TV 1.7.2012, State League mens and womens

Audio: Popovic 4min53sec,

10.10 Ray Gatt, The Australian, Western Sydney Wanderers FC and the A League, Football Media Association news

Audio: Raso 2min09sec,

10.40 Spencer Prior, Matildas Assistant Coach, W League, the new Western Sydney franchise and international women’s news

Audio: Euro quarters wrap 1min38sec,

Euro banter with Vitor Sobral and Martin Tyler 10min55sec,

11.30 Francis Awaritefe, SBS, Euro 2012, player and coach movements, international news, Australian National teams and general football banter

Thank you to our sponsors and partners, BBC, ABC, FFA, SBS, Fox Sports, 442, TWG, all of our guests.

11.58 WFOUTRO.

Round 10 State League Wrap

June 27, 2012 By: Penny Category: Competitions

Round 10 Bankwest Women’s State Premier League wrap


Football West News

Report by James Mooney

Northern Redbacks SC 4 (Aleisha Dyer x 2, Kirri Bolton, Jacqueline Nellany)
FW NTC U17’s 0
@ Celebration Park

Northern Redbacks edge closer to league leaders Beckenham Angels at the top of the table after taking care of NTC 4-0.

Two goals from each half was all that was needed for the Redbacks to secure full points.

New recruit Kirri Bolton continues to shine adding another goal to her total along with a handy brace from Alisha Dyer.

Redbacks coach Tim Hodgson was impressed with his team dominating play however believes converting more of the chances they create could still improve.

NTC will take on league leaders Beckenham Angels next week while the Redbacks host Queens Park.

Queens Park SC 2 (Nicky Campbell (PEN), Jess Byrne)
East Fremantle SC 0
@ Coker Park

Queens Park were able to grab full points against East Fremantle today in a 2-0 victory at Coker Park.

Both sides were in need of a win to steady the ship, which was always going to create a tight contest; a scoreless first half proved each side’s caution.

Queens Park’s Nicky Campbell opened the scoring early in the second half converting from the penalty spot.

The game was tight the whole way through with East Fremantle creating chances but lacking the final touch to find the net.

The sealer came from Queen Park’s Jess Byrne with a beautiful left foot curler outside the box, allowing Queens Park to close the game out in style.

Next week Queens Park travel Celebration Park to take on Northern Redbacks while East Fremantle host UWA-Nedlands.

UWA-Nedlands 3 (Ashley Jennings x2, Kitty Foley)
Balcatta SC 1
@ UWA Sports Park

UWA-Nedlands recorded a solid 3-1 win against Balcatta at UWA Sports Park today.

In a tight contest it was UWA who were able to put away more chances thanks to a brace from Ashley Jennings.

Balcatta were able to keep in touch with a late first half goal to make it 2-1 going into half time.

Balcatta came out with a spring in their step early in the second half but UWA were able to weather the storm.

Kitty Foley found herself in the right place at the right time from a cross missed by the entire Balcatta defense, which allowed for the easy tap in.

Balcatta can sit back and enjoy the bye while East Fremantle host UWA-Nedlands

Beckenham Angels SC had the bye this week.

Paddocks to Pitches Soccer History

June 27, 2012 By: Penny Category: Football in the Media

We ask any football club througout WA to submit images of their best 2012 teams from U6-U16 for the chance to be featured in the upcoming Paddocks to Pitches book which will cover a history of WA football.

Full names of everyone in each image MUST be supplied of course. Those coaches/administrators in the pic must give their club position alongside their name.

What must come with the image is:

– The name of everyone in the picture – including club role

– Name of person who took the picture (if possible)

– Approval to use the picture

– Images not complying with the above will NOT be considered.

Please send all images to

The deadline is midnight 2 July 2012.

“This is an ideal opportunity to have some of Western Australia’s up and coming

talent in the book of a lifetime before it is released later this year,” said author Richard Kreider.

Paddocks to Pitches covers practically every aspect about about the game in this State.

Junior football has been in operation since 1900, when four schools kicked it off.

In fact, it was so successful in schools, it very nearly toppled Australian Rules from being the number one football.

No Apologies Documentary Background

June 27, 2012 By: Penny Category: Football in the Media

No Apologies

  • Director /Producer Ashley Morrison
  • Approval Date 2011 March
  • Total Budget AUD $55k
  • Length 52 minutes
  • Stage Production
  • Issue Indigenous
  • About the film

    Australia has produced some outstanding Indigenous male athletes in Australian Rules Football, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Athletics and Boxing, but there have been far fewer
    women who have made it to the top.

    Olympic Gold Medalist Cathy Freeman is one such athlete, fellow Gold Medalist for Hockey Nova Peris-Kneebone is another. Wimbledon Champion Evonne Cawley (nee
    Goolagong) is another who excelled on the world stage.

    Lesser known successes have been Faith Thomas (nee Coulthard) who is to date the only Aboriginal female cricketer to win national honours. Rohanee Cox won the Eddie Gilbert Medal in 2008 and a Silver medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics in Basketball. In 1999 Bridgitte Starr became the first indigenous woman to play in a World Cup finals yet sadly few are aware of the fact.

    In 2010 Kyah Simon and Lydia Williams, became the first two indigenous women to win international football honours when both were part of the Matildas’ victorious 2010 Asia Cup campaign.

    Lydia had been a part of the Matildas’ 2006 Asia Cup campaign and also the 2007 World Cup, but failed to get on the park.

    In 2011 at the FIFA Women’s World Cup Lydia and Kyah Simon have a chance to emulate Harry Williams, by again in Germany, albeit 37 years later, representing Australia at a
    World Cup Finals.

    “No Apologies” plans to record this historic moment and follow their journey to Germany 2011. Along the way “No Apologies” hopes to uncover the inspirational stories that have
    brought two young women sporting success. In doing so “No Apologies” explore the cultural backgrounds of the two girls as well as show how these girls climbed to the peak of their sport through perseverance, discipline and good humour and that no apologies are required.

    How does the project meet the aims of a philanthropic foundation?

    This project has been embarked on with a view to educating the wider Australian public as to the way they look at Indigenous people and without actually saying it hopefully show them how they tend to have a stereotypical view that is incorrect.
    It is hoped that it will also inspire other aboriginal and non aboriginal women and children to chase their dreams and see that with hard work can see you make it to the top.

    When Harry Williams became the first male and Bridgette Starr the first female to represent Australia at the world Cup finals an opportunity to record the fact was never taken and we have no record of what it meant and have missed the opportunity to inspire others.

    We have another chance to celebrate this achievement in 2011 and we will be making sure that it is recorded for prosperity.

    What outcomes do you hope to achieve by making this film and how will you measure its impact?

    We hope to inspire young women indigenous, Australian, or new residents to our shores to take up sport and follow their dreams. To show that no matter what your upbringing you can make it to the top.
    We also hope to show that not all indigenous people’s lives are the same. Kyah and Lydia’s childhoods could not have been more different and hopefully by exploring that we may educate the greater Australian public.
    The measure of its impact will be shown in the reaction of the indigenous community and the young women of Australia once it has been aired. Hopefully we will see it inspire others to participate.

    What is your education and outreach strategy

    Lydia Williams and Kyah Simon are both Indigenous ambassadors and by making this film we will raise their profiles which in turn will assist them in fulfilling those roles. Both the film and the girls will hopefully dispel some of the long held myths about their culture and give people a better understanding of what it is like to be indigenous and playing sport at the highest level.
    We will have a blog site for fans to follow us on our journey. Posts, videos and images will be regularly published. Other social media platforms that we will leverage to engage our audience in our project are Facebook and Twitter. We hope that the girls will contribute to these channels.
    In Germany we will have a vehicle with the name of the documentary and sponsors emblazoned on the side. This will raise awareness and we will obviously seize every publicity opportunity possible.
    On our return we hope that after the documentary has aired it will be used as a tool to encourage and educate in minority communities in Australia.

    Who are the filmmakers responsible for the project?

    Ashley Morrison is the Producer and Director. He has been involved in the making of “Zoom Zoom – The Professor” A film about the life of Boxer Azumah Nelson. He also directed and produced “Standing at the Touchlines” a film celebrating Africa hosting the World Cup, where the team traveled through Africa during the 2010 World Cup to see if Football could unite a continent.
    Chris van der Sandt from Cape Town is the main Camera man having worked on “Standing at the Touchlines, Chris understands how we work and is great to work with.
    Quie-ying MOrrison is Camera 2 and our everything electronic whizz. She is a master of electronic media and a vital component to the team.
    That is the team that will travel to Germany, small and efficient.

    The documentary shows on SBS free to air Sunday July 1 at 4pm

    Bunbury Forum Force get finances for new facility

    June 26, 2012 By: Penny Category: Club Noticeboard

    The anouncement comes this week of the final piece of the funding jigsaw falling into place for Bunbury Forum Force. $2.8 million from the WA Government and $1.3 million from the City of Bunbury has been set aside this financial year for the project. The overall $4.8 million cost of the project was announced at the Bunbury Forum Force match against Stirling Lions to complete the facilities at the Hay Park South football precinct.

    BFF President Albert Nascimento is hoping that the facilities will be up and running by the beginning of the season next year but needs to get the council to push ahead asap.

    The stadium will have a grandstand, lighting and all the mod cons and will be similar to the Lark Hill complex. We’re all very excited.

    With this in mind we are very keen to have the women playing with the men on a Saturday, with the men kicking off at 7pm. Women would more than likely kick off at 1pm.
    Exciting times ahead.

    The World Football Programme on Radio 107.9FM June 23

    June 22, 2012 By: Penny Category: Football in the Media


    Blackwoods Annual 5 a side soccer carnival

    June 22, 2012 By: Penny Category: Club Noticeboard

    Hello Friends, Coaches and Admins …..Apologies for the early notification but i have been receiving calls from people wanting to book holidays and accommodation etc for Blackwoods annual 5 a side carnival.

    Could i please ask that you forward this email to your club and team contacts.

    We will have two added categories this year, by adding an early evening competition for under 17’s …both a Girls and a Boys comp.

    Here is a rough outline of the event …. but please visit our website for more details and nominations

    Blackwood ufc outdoor 5 a side
    Venue – Balingup Oval
    Date – Saturday October 20, 2012
    Categories ….
    Mens over 40
    Open Womens
    Open Men
    Boys under 17
    Girls under 17

    Steve Hawkins
    9764 3663
    0428 953 753

    Round 8 Premier League Wrap

    June 15, 2012 By: Penny Category: Competitions

    Report by James Mooney

    FW NTC 17’s 4 (Tika Miller 2, Leigha Bullock-Lee, Emily Henderson)
    East Fremantle SC 4 (Hollie Coppell, Emma Neville, Alyce Correia 2)
    @ Celebration Park

    Wet weather set the scene for this hard fought 4-4 draw, with East Fremantle and NTC sharing the lead over the course of the game.

    East Fremantle opened the scoring thanks to a strike from Hollie Coppell, however their depleted first team squad numbers left the door open for NTC.

    The lead went back and fourth with NTC getting the better of East Fremantle in the first half.

    NTC’s young legs relied on the long ball to stretch and outrun East Fremantle’s defence, which proved to be trouble.

    NTC went into half time with a 4-2 lead and to East Fremantle’s credit with limited resources they came back with goals from Emma Neville and Alyce Correia.

    East Fremantle were happy to grab the point against the NTC as injuries have forced the squad to dig deep into their reserves.

    NTC have the bye next week while East Fremantle will face the Northern Redbacks, who are more than likely frustrated from their own result today.


    Northern Redbacks SC 0
    Balcatta SC 1 (Bec Di Carlo)
    @ Mills Park

    Balcatta continued to solidify their place at the upper end of the table after a close   1-0 victory over the Northern Redbacks.

    Both sides are sitting at the pointy end of the table and knew the points from this game were vital, as bodies were put on the line.

    Balcatta scored the only goal of the game when striker Bec Di Carlo pounced on a defensive blunder.

    Di Carlo collided with the Redbacks keeper in a 50-50 challenge for the ball, luck going Balcatta’s way, as the ball rolled into the back of the net.

    Balcatta will look to continue their winning form hosting Queens Park next week while the Redbacks face a depleted East Fremantle away.


    Queens Park SC 1 (Monique Gordon)
    Beckenham Angels SC 2 (Annique Keisler, Andrea Preiato)
    @ Coker Park

    Beckenham Angels snatched a last minute goal, thanks to Andrea Preiato, to defeat Queens Park 2-1.

    Horrible weather conditions turned this game into a battle as Queens Park continue to prove their worth against the league’s benchmark.

    All the goals came in the second half with Queens Park’s Monique Gordon opening the scoring, an upset looked to be brewing.

    A swift reply from Beckenham’s Annique Keisler levelled the scoring, however the wet weather made it difficult for either side to run away with the game.

    Minutes from full time Andrea Preiato found herself on the end of a corner, heading home the winning goal.

    Preiato’s match-winning goal now extends Beckenham’s lead at the top of the table to four points.

    Beckenham will continue their campaign next week against UWA-Nedlands while Queens Park will take on Balcatta.

    UWA Nedlands Had the Bye

    The World Football Programme June 16, 2012

    June 15, 2012 By: Penny Category: Football in the Media


    Curtin Uni SC President joins Penny in the studio. Our womens football guest this week is Heather Garriock (a pregnant Matilda).

    WSC Minutes April 2012

    June 03, 2012 By: Penny Category: Women's Standing Committee